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We teach year 4 & 5 (primary) students for preparation of the 11+ Grammar Test. We teach Maths and Science to students in years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 covering KS3 and GCSE. Please refer to the subject page for further information.

Most sessions are typically 2 hours per week per subject. For 11+ an additional 1 hour home online class session to meet requirements and complete the yearly syllabus

There are max. 8 students per class. Each student is carefully placed into the most appropriate group so that they can flourish at a rate which best suits their needs. Groups consist of students of the same year group.

  • Children learn in various ways whether they it be visual, auditory, reading / writing or kinaesthetic. We range from using PowerPoint presentations (with notes) or visual diagrams/examples on the whiteboard. We regular revisit topics over the year so they learn to retain and apply concepts over the long term. Every week will have a short review from previous week’s session.

Homework will vary on a week-by-week basis. We typically give 4-6 sheets for each topic covered in session. However, if a child would like additional homework, their tutor can make the relevant arrangements within reason.

We operate every week all year round. Your child will have one tutor consistently however they will have 6-7 weeks’ annual leave for the year which will be covered another one of our qualified tutors.

Yes. Our bespoke online portal systems help parents keep a track of all work and homework conducted on a weekly basis. Our tutors will verbally communicate student progress via phone or in person on a fortnightly basis. All parents will be shown how to navigate the online portal system so they can write comments and see overall progress.

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